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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a gas whose molecule consists of three oxygen atoms, and the principal characteristics odor and volatility. Medical Ozone, which is actually a mixture of 5% maximum ozone and 95% oxygen, was first used during World War I to the cleaning and disinfection of wounds.

This form of treatment is widespread in central Europe, but in Germany, Austria and Switzerland where it is practiced regularly. Have been established medical and scientific societies of ozone therapy in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba, Italy, etc.. to promote and support the numerous studies and international conferences are held periodically.

Although ozone naturally exists for therapeutic manufacture is performed resulting in a vessel containing a gas oxygen (O2) a high voltage electric discharge that causes the molecules are broken into two atoms (O + O) to then bonded together resulting in an unstable triatomic oxygen, O3, or ozone, and therefore can be easily separated and combined with other molecules, causing them to rust and therefore their destruction. Since this property making it a powerful tool allowing you to destroy toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and even cancer cells. However, medically used a mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3) that is safe as demonstrated hundreds of scientific studies and makes that the use is increasingly common in all kinds of diseases.

Chamber of Ozone

Every healthy cell gets the energy to live basically by "aerobic pathway, ie using oxygen. However, when using a route becomes cancerous anaerobic: fermenting glucose, a phenomenon known as glycolysis and so will all his "offspring". Only this second pathway that gets almost 20 times less energy. This was discovered Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 and 1945, for whom the need for such high consumption of glucose by cancer cells would be forcing the body to cause massive cell proliferation forming what we call tumor. So to say that cancer is characterized by an "uncontrolled cell multiplication" can be considered a gratuitous assertion. That cell multiplication is nothing but a survival mechanism. Because, as noted Warburg decades canceriza all cell within 48 hours if the oxygen level of the place where the floor is 40%.

The problem is that many cell "cancer" that is, healthy cells that simply are forced to feed glycolysis and divide more quickly than usual, then consume this amount of glucose (especially if you lack oxygen is prolonged) , that this may end the sugar reserves of the person causing physical degradation and lead to cachexia or extreme malnutrition. Moreover, the process of fermentation of glucose results in the formation of carbon monoxide and lactic acid newly creating a cellular environment acid which increasingly less oxygen. Obviously this could be resolved momentarily consider giving the body more sugar to feed the cancer cells but that the area would be acidificase and they multiply. And when grouping together forming a tumor might grow more and more. The agency also plays sometimes acidification as a problem to be solved and sends macrophages and T cells, in turn, to repair tissue release growth factors capable of stimulating in turn the replication of the cancer cell. This situation is compounded by the fact that cancer cells lacking antioxidant enzymes allowing them to survive in acidic environments.


Radiotherapy basa its effect on the production of free radicals, specifically hydroxyl radical production. But its occurrence should radiate the area to be oxygenated, ie, ionizing radiation works if there is oxygen. So the ability of ozone to increase oxygen transfer ensures not only greater efficiency but also reduces radiation therapy side effects of it to protect healthy cells by its ability to activate antioxidant systems essential in the fight against free radicals . Ozone also active substances such as prostacyclin, with known tumor activity and possibly the main mechanism of action of ozone by the intraperitoneal route, and stimulates the defenses. Preconditioning with ozone prior to receiving chemotherapy or undergoing surgery as the body prepares to boost its antioxidant and immune defense systems minimizing treatment side effects and enhancing its therapeutic effect. The mechanism of action of ozone is a mechanism common sense, basic and essential in the fight of cancer and other diseases.

Application of Ozone

It should be added that ozone also regenerate the electrical conditions of the membrane elasticity and it returns the red blood cells or red blood cells (cells that are involved in carrying oxygen to various body tissues) can pass through capillaries smaller caliber . Also improves blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, the deformability of red blood cells and the erythrocyte aggregation which favors the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. And with that progressive reestablishment of metabolic functions.

Ozone also strengthens the immune system and improves the activity of T lymphocytes and monocytes release cytokines responsible, intercellular messengers capable of activating the mechanisms of natural immunity. In particular, gamma interferon, which lacks endogenous substance causing problems chemical drugs that are marketed with the same name. With ozone endogenous gamma interferon may increase between 400 and 900%.

And there are two properties of ozone can be positive for cancer patients but not in an action as straightforward as the above. On the one hand, it is proven to help normalize cholesterol, triglycerides, creatinine, uric acid and glucose, and secondly, it eliminates in vitro to first contact all bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Of course it is the largest naturally occurring germicidal being that what has become an effective water purifier for human consumption. It was precisely its germicidal activity, with his power of healing and tissue regeneration, which made him the most widely used treatment for wounds from World War I.

But being so powerful and why ozone does not attack healthy cells? Because it stimulates them to produce the three antioxidant enzymes that form the body's main defense against free radicals: superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase. Enzyme systems that many types of cancer cells are depressed. That is why cancer cells can not defend themselves from attack by free radicals derived from oxygen to the tumor tissue. It is important to note that oxygen is death and life, that of oxygen into the cell involves the formation of free radicals and that the balance between production and elimination depends on the proper functioning of the enzymes superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione. Therefore, oxygen delivery to a tumor cell carries with it the production of free radicals that its deteriorated enzyme system is not able to counteract and as a result of the abundance of these tumor death occurs. The healthy cell does not have this problem it is only the diseased cell.

As of today there are more than eleven thousand studies related to ozone but most are intended for basic research and cite only those that are significant for their results in cancer. In 1980 the journal Science published Ozone selectively inhibits growth of human cancer cells. The study showed that ozone inhibits the growth of human cancer cells of lung, breast and uterine tumors selectively (in a dose-dependent). It took 0.3 and 0.5 ppm of ozone in the ambient air to inhibit growth of cancer cells 40 and 60% respectively. Without healthy cells were unaffected. Later be found to to 0.8 parts per million ozone growth of cancer cells was inhibited over 90% reduced cell growth to less than 50%.

Application of Ozone

Why not raise oncologists then use? Because for approval as a therapy is needed to perform large clinical trials and no one is willing to put a dollar on something that is also not patentable so cheap. And that there is sufficient evidence of its efficacy when studied its use as adjunctive therapy to conventional treatments. In 1974 there was a trial in Germany to be published as a therapy by intravenous injection for genital cancer with ozone-oxygen mixture in gynecological radiotherapy in which 40 women with genital cancer primary tumors and 5 with recurrent tumors were treated with a mixture of oxygen and ozone. And the researchers were clear: "The regression of female genital tumors in both groups was faster. Side effects of radiotherapy were reduced and the overall condition of the patients improved. "

It is recommended that ozone therapy practice for the concepts mentioned above, remember that any healthy environment is favorable to fight cancer, the solution is in sight of his eyes.