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What is Cancer?

In trying to "cancer" should properly speak of "cancerosis" because here there is a local condition, but a state of decomposition and organic degeneration by blood due to severe chronic maleada digestive disorders and poor scavenging activity of the skin sick. This explains why it is inherited predisposition to cancer as children inherit the quality of the blood of their parents. And also explains that the children can escape their cancerous malignant regenerating its own blood heritage, through good digestion and permanent scavenging activity of your skin.

As Dr. William W. Sanford, the diagnosis of cancer as a cause of death is usually false. You can ensure that every patient dies of indigestion due to destructive fevers of her womb. The cancer dies of indigestion and poor disposal system of your skin, kidneys and intestines. This results in chronic thermal imbalance of the body by fever or gastrointestinal fever. If the patient normalizes digestion, is saved. This is possible only fighting its internal fever and afiebrando your skin. The death of cancer is not caused by the tumor only when it prevents the functions of nutrition or elimination of your body.

The tumor is not the "disease" that is the enemy of health that we should remove by surgery or X-rays destroy In any case, it is organic defense, revealing that the nature foreign matter deposited locally trying to isolate him, always derived from inheritance, severe and chronic digestive disorders and poor disposal system of the skin of the patient. With this defense, the body prevents deadly materials circulate freely throughout the body, destroying its vitality because of its corrosive action on important organs like the nervous system, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and brain.

The tumors are benign or malignant depending on the state of organic defense of the subject. When the digestive system work well and the patient's skin, can not stand the way their malignant tumors or abscesses, because their life force maintained by the normal function of your body will produce suppuration with abundant expulsion of pus or reabsorbed to remove through the skin, kidneys and intestines, matter containing corrupted. For lack of this defensive activity of the body affected is as presented and malignant tumors remain hard and do not react naturally. its removal is in the pan because it will cause that is in the blood of the patient maleada.

All tumor complaint chronic functional state of disarray, very old, strange substance charge accumulated unnatural life and especially by improper diet. The malignant tumor tends to grow long because that way the body tries to defend the malignancy of the disease.

The tumor begins with the morbid matter accumulating between tissues. Nature attempts to isolate these foreign matter who is unable to remove. The new tissues are formed to entrench such materials are also victims of the irritant action of a blood maleada seriously. Hence the growing tissue inflammation and death by poisoning.

Conventional medicine or optional unable to avoid the mentioned cancer, because it ignores the normal function of caring for the human body and is only directed at combating the effect of functional derangement. This medicine can not cure this ailment, it ignores the natural resources and its application to purify the blood through good digestion and eliminations active is the only way to help the sick body and allow reactions to this serious evil.

Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane, world authority on ancient medicine in a cancer study, wrote: "Instead of studying nutrition and detoxification of the body, have been studying germs ... The world is in a wrong way. Rid the body of their toxins and made us eat properly and be the miracle of health. "

In one study, the fruit of long years of experience in Berlin and Paris, the doctor Germanic Von Brahmer, the Academy of Medicine, notes that produces impure blood cancer. Therefore, since the optional medical powerless to cure cancer, for their inability to purify the blood, surgery performed by removing the cancerous tumor, which usually only get torment the sick and spread more corrupt matter throughout his body.

In this connection, Father Thaddeus says: "I can say that any operation for cancer, if not harmful, is at least useless and superfluous. The reason is that cancer is the general blood disease and must be fought for general treatment of the whole body, being secondary local treatment ", conventional medicine does not usually act purifying the blood and activating cell regeneration rather addresses only act on the same disease but not the cause which it originates.