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Natural Aloe Vera Recipe

One of the "techniques" to cure cancer is through the Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), also known as aloe vera or Aloe, Aloe Vera Barbadensis is rather like a cactus but belongs to the family to which they belong onion, garlic and asparagus. At this point in our lives is very likely that nearly everyone knows this plant, and it is good and many people really know what you can do this wonderful plant. Treatments with Aloe never expected "cure the overnight" from a disease like cancer which was developed slowly for long in your body.

The Aloe gel is not harmful when ingested, nor is meant here that will take too much of Aloe every day, because everything in excess is harmful. Aloe gel is different from the content inside the plant, because in addition to the gel in the pulp contains iodine and other minerals.

Activity on internal organs and systems of the body

Respect to their activity on the gastroduodenal mucosa, highlights the protective effect against gastric mucosal lesions, anti-ulcer activity and growth inhibition of Helicobacter pylori. The acemannan in aloe vera this could be useful in inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

Aloe Vera matures

In the endocrine system, highlights the hypoglycemic and lipid lowering activity. The aloe vera is administered orally can reduce blood glucose levels. May also have some activity on the blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, although the mechanism of action has not been elucidated.

The aloe vera, active in situations of immunosuppression, is also effective in preventing these states induced by ultraviolet radiation and the prevention of respiratory viral infections (flu, colds, laryngitis) to induce antibody formation.

It also has anti-inflammatory activity, inhibits prostaglandin synthesis and reduces the migration and infiltration of leukocytes, the release of histamine and the synthesis and secretion of leukotrienes. The anti-inflammatory activity of Aloe vera gel synergizes with other properties (healing and immunostimulating) to facilitate wound healing or in front of arthritic processes.

Aloe vera has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, especially in soft sarcomas. The acemannan is able to reduce tumor growth or cause regression of the same.

Aloe gel increases the correct interlacing collagen fibers on the injured area due to cell and tissue regeneration promoted by its components and the antiinflammatory and antimicrobial effect thereof.

In internal and external use, aloe vera is indicated in exanthematous skin diseases and infections (measles, mumps, rubella, herpes), diseases of the gastric and intestinal mucosa (gastritis, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal infections and inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn , ulcerative colitis and irritable colon) and the oral mucosa (thrush, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral and esophageal candidiasis), states of immunosuppression, inflammatory arthritis and autoimmune type, tumor processes, prevention of states of immunosuppression and infections, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

Treatment for Cancer cure

This natural recipe to cure the cancer, some say that knowledge originated by a Franciscan Friar, who call in Belem (Brazil), Fray Roman, from Brazil. Current teacher seminar in Bethlehem. This natural recipe is very good, you can consider it a good combination of natural elements that have different functions separately healing (Aloe and honey), but uniting them perform their function while using alcohol drinking. It's great to know that often the simplest natural combination by choosing the right elements can perform miracles that chemotherapy, surgery or pharmaceuticals can never do. We'll explain the recipe for how they should prepare:

Elements of the recipe


Items required for processing (Approximate values ​​for a bottle)

  • ½ kg. leaves of Aloe Vera (Aloe).
  • ½ kg. pure honey.
  • 1 glass of alcoholic beverage, which is the strongest and the best possible quality (Pisco, Whisky, Cognac, Tequila, Brandy, etc.)

Objects and Tools:

  • 1 bottle of glass not exceeding standard size light inside.
  • Mixer or blender.
  • Mortar, and other things that you obviously know it.

Preparation and Maintenance

  1. You should preferably have a mature plant of Aloe Vera female, must be at least finishing flowering, the plant may be ripe to even better fulfill the functions in our body healing. Wash ½ kg of Aloe leaves, then you should remove the thorns cutting them with a knife (the bones that surround the stalk), also cut the tip of the stalk to the bitterness can drain more easily as shown in the next step.
  2. The stalk is placed vertically in a container of water that covers completely, you can cut half the length of the stalk so you can enter it into the water with ease, so wait about an hour to dilute the bitterness in the water , then remove the water and repeat the operation again or as often as desirable to completely remove the bitterness. Do not place too long because it could also emptied the Aloe gel in water, which is inconvenient for the purposes of this treatment.
  3. Without stripping the skin of the stalk (without removing the shell) and cutting it into pieces is put into a blender along with ½ kg of honey and a glass of alcoholic drink you have preferred, then continue to blend them for about one or two minutes until you feel you have been well blended. Emptying the preparation in a dark bottle
  4. After the note that is already well filled liquefied product in a bottle that ambient light does not go inside and proceeds to cover it, being so ready to swallow.

The flavor of this recipe does not know of all evil, is sweet, if you do not like the habit will make the patient feel as nice as treatment continues. But the taste is of secondary importance when it comes for therapy to restore the patient's health.

Remember that in this case the preparation has been ignoring that portion of the resin or bitter aloes Aloe (yellowish fluid) to contain a substance Aloina name, is a toxic element that is used by plants to defend your life pests. It is important to remove this yellowish liquid preparation because it may harm the patient when the disease is compromised kidneys.


Dark bottle

Try to keep the preparation in a dry, cool, ventilated, it is important to avoid contact with the light of the preparation, which is why we must save it in a black bottle. It is necessary that the preparation does not get the light to avoid degrading elements of the honey and prevent loss of power of action and also help to better conservation status of the preparation.

If you have no black bottle a good trick is to have a glass bottle and wrap it around with a gutta-percha, also known as black colored tape giving continuous laps around the bottle to ensure that light does not pass into the bottle, is a little trick that we present to the people who make a world to get a glass bottle that does not let light inside.

Pure honey

Honey should be pure, there are many fakes on the market when selling the honey produced, not to mention the 100% except perhaps a few exceptions, it is estimated that 99% of all honey products sold market are not pure, have preservatives, chemicals rather than just manage to improve human health worsen in the worst cases are adulterated by mixing them with sugar, this is very bad because it reduces considerably the energy potential of honey, worse even spoil the patient's health because sugar can eventually lead to diabetes, and worsen the patient's health dramatically, even in ignorance of the people may believe that Aloe hurt the patient. One recommendation is to buy honey directly from the beekeeper (who is dedicated to extract honey from the combs where the bees deposit honey), if not possible, try to buy a honey brand recognized as a tip or we inform you that the council should be very thick honey, should not be watered down, should preferably be dark, the darker the better, because the pure honey, the vast majority are very dark and very thick with a tangy flavor , very strong. Should hesitate when offered honey very clear, very yellow and / or very watery, is a clear sign that was adulterated its original composition, never forget our advice, which are general features.

Aloe Vera should be preferably a plant that has already been flowering, ie who is mature, having the thick stalks. In markets often sell the leaf of Aloe and despancados, I mean sell only the leaves cut from the base, does not acquire a leaf very small, not very green, semi-green should be clarified, and the leaves are ripe, have no so vivid and deep green as the leaves of plants that have not yet flowered, is an indirect way of choosing a good stalk to prepare the treatment, remember that every detail of what they often explain the difference between failure or success of any treatment.

Aloe Vera in the field of culture

The prescription dose

Being a natural medicine preparations there are several alternatives to implement these recipes, especially it being understood that the reader will know the conditions that is the patient, and doses may need adequate optional or preparations could do without, are requested to have objective view of how to use these preparations.

Then specify the appropriate dosage is:

Before taking the container must be shaken and then must take 3 tablespoons daily on an empty stomach 15 minutes before each meal, for a period of 10 days or two weeks (according to criteria and condition of the patient), this be taken in the morning with about an hour early before breakfast.

The consecutive doses of 10 days is equivalent to a set dose treatment with the recipe. It is very necessary that the period of time "neutral" between each set either one week, ie every 10 days or two weeks of taking prescription continually the patient should stop taking this dose for a period of one week, very important, because these interrupts the body with more tranquility is dedicated to eliminating what does not work in our bodies, besides this interruption will cause the patient's body to rest, and let the body returns to act for itself by expelling all unnecessary items the body, that includes the elements of the same recipe and harmful toxins that the body tries to dispose of through the body's elimination system.

Note that there variants to consider at this dose, if the cancer is very advanced and requires more "force" in treatment, then you can increase the dose to 5 tablespoons daily or as directed by your judgment, taking them in the morning (fasting), noon and night, always 15 minutes before eating food.

If after a doctor checks you get the result that the disease does not progress is a very good sign, in this case can continue leading dose now, remember that there should be no excess dose with this recipe, then can gradually decreasing or increasing proportionally with the dose of the disease.

Remember that under no circumstances should increase the dose too, because it can have certain complications of nephrotoxic nature, do not worry that if despite this disease continues to grow, as this eventually bow to this remedy.

It is advisable that the patient understands the severity of the disease before starting treatment (medical checks) and also after taking the dose sets, thus can be calculated in some way the development of their treatment in order to have a objective idea of ​​increased or decreased the dosage as appropriate. Only those cancer checkups can say with certainty the degree of cure achieved by the treatment, you have to be yourself you will have to repeat the treatment, according to the grade of cancer detected by the controls available and what according to their criteria you see fit.

Very often the patient after taking a dose of the treatment group feel some sense of well being and improvement, be careful that these symptoms are not 100% reliable proof that cancer is being won. It is dangerous to be guided by these feelings, always perform medical checks, never forget.

Note that several cases only one set was enough dose to treatment has eliminated much of the cancer, it is advisable to take more sets of doses of prescription and prevention at least for a period of six months.

You can continue taking it later, as this treatment can also make a person healthy and cancer prevention, always following in this case with the normal dose of this recipe.

Methods of Action Against Cancer

The methods of action for these types of cases are complex and include, for this reason, then present the properties of the elements that make up the recipe:

The Aloe

Aloe contains aloemicina, very powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and aloeuricina, whose property is to energize and fortify skin cells, making it very useful in gastric and stomach ulcers.

Aloe Vera

The juice contains anthracene derivatives: aloeemodina, aloin, isobarbaloína, aloinósidos A and B and other substances.

Contains a large amount of amino acids such as valine, methionine, phenylalanine, lysine and leucine.

Lignin also has the polysaccharide, the glucomannan and other pentose sugars such as galactose, and uronic acids which provide a deep cleansing of skin, then penetrate all layers, eliminating bacteria and fatty deposits which hinder the exudation through pores.

Between the constituent elements include iodine, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, manganese, magnesium and sulfur large amount of calcium.

It is one of the few species that contains vitamin B12, plus vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and C.

Containing high proportions of germanium acts as a filter body scrubber, removes poisons and waste from cells, restructures and revitalizes the bone marrow, reactive immune system, stimulates the production of endorphins, which calm in pain all the plants that contain germanium have been considered miraculous as are also the Ging-seng and Shitake Mushrooms.

The gel obtained from Aloe six antiseptic agents produce high antimicrobial activity: cinamonic acid, a type of urea nitrogen, lupeol, phenol, sulfur, folic acid and an acid combined with natural salícico lupeol has significant analgesic effects.

It's an incredible antitoxic and antimicrobial. It is astringent, and anticoagulant. It is a strong stimulant of cell growth.

The action in the treatment of Aloe

Aloe is antiflamatorio, analgesic, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, cell regenerator, stimulating the immune system, energy, and preventive antibiotic effect.

A didactic example could be explained as simple: the gel of Aloe toxins will "slip" around the body helping to grandly detoxification and cleansing of our body.

The honey bee


Generally, honey contains a 20% water, 25-45% glucose and 35-45% fructose, sucrose addition, formic acid, aromatic substances, pollen residues, etc.

This healthy food that we bring the bees have a high energy value because it has 322 calories per 100 grams and also has the advantage of being easily digestible due to the type of sugars that compose it.

It should be added that to date have been discovered in honey over 180 different substances beneficial to human body.
Honey has also been used over time for their healing properties to burns, as well as antimicrobial and mild laxative.

The action of honey in the treatment

Honey has a purifying effect as the Aloe, honey in this recipe heals the body of damaging everything it finds in its path.

Alcoholic beverage

Surely you have wondered why this product is included in the recipe, well, it's simple, you can basically say that this fulfills two functions, first is the conservative of the preparation and second and most important is that it acts as a dilator veins in the patient's body, so that in this way can this remedy to get to the "corners" of the body more remote, so the honey and Aloe can come to meet its objective (see the properties of aloe and honey bee), which is to purify the blood.


Can not be used for prolonged periods of treatment because it acts on the rectum, which is why it is advised to stop taking the basic recipe from one unit to another, it can produce strong tenesmus, colicky renal and gastrointestinal congestion.

Aloe generally not be supplied to patients suffering from bladder or who have hemorrhoids, cystitis, dysentery, prostatitis or kidney problems, or pregnant women because it has abortifacient action. The leaves in too high doses cause vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, and nephritis. The fresh juice or aloe juice obtained by incision of the leaves causes irritation to the skin.

Is toxic in high doses, it acts as a purgative and causes cramping, diarrhea, hypothermia and general weakness. The lethal dose is 8 g. The discomfort may cause counteract if taken together with an antispasmodic.

1% of the population is allergic to Aloe Vera, before discarding treatment than necessary, a trick would be to rub a little aloe gel on a small area of ​​your skin and check later that has no irritation or any unfavorable symptom in the applied area. In case you have adverse reactions do not proceed with this treatment or you can consult with a physician and clinical analysis to discard any Alegia Aloe Vera.

General conclusions

This recipe performs similar functions to the original ESSIAC formula, because it helps clean the body, you should keep this in mind, this recipe will help cleanse your body too, is a direct semi cured of cancer, because when you clean your body will actually cure cancer, please remember this, because it is the difference between life and death of a patient with cancer. Never forget to apply it with great discretion.