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Dietary Suggestions

Some suggestions for nutritional therapies are:

  1. Digestion is the foundation of the life process, and when she is good, says the health of individuals, with all manner of disease effect of indigestion, acute or chronic.
  2. In the feces compact toilets, abundant and tan, we have an exponent of good digestion.
  3. All healing regime should be directed to normalize digestion, as a way forced to return to health.
  4. Digestion requires:
    1. Normal temperature of the digestive tract.
    2. Adequate food in raw fruit, seeds and salads.
    3. Eat hungry.
    4. Complete and calm insalivation swallowing.
    5. Simplify the food at each meal, avoiding bad food combinations.
    6. Be sober, careful not to replete the stomach and eat with calm and cheerful mood.

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food", is the motto to heal the sick by natural food because they became ill from malnutrition.

Knowing nourished is therefore the best health and science also restore the health of patients.

Moreover, even with an adequate intestinal feeding is avoided in the city ill, as the pulmonary nutrition is maleated with impure air, skin nutrition and suffers from lack of ventilation because of clothes and coats, which makes us impurificándonos daily from malnutrition and poor eliminations, in these simple cases, the return to health could be obtained with raw diet at three months.

Generally, raw fruit and salads will be the only diet you save every sick bed.

Although we have already said something about fruits as food, its properties will be presented here for the benefit of health.

In every place and time of year, raw fruits are the best food and medicine for healthy and sick. The diet of raw fruits of the season is right for every patient to rest in bed. We list the best known and their properties.

  • Olives (olives). Increase weight-fight constipation and bilious calculations.
  • Apricots or chabacanos.-Fight obesity and nausea.
  • Almond-Forman dulces. healthy meat and neutralize acidities of blood.
  • Food Castañas.-activate the intestine and relieve the kidneys.
  • Cerezas.-antacid, combat indigestion, anemia, gout and rheumatism.
  • Ciruelas.-stimulate the liver and intestines.
  • Increase heat Dátiles. organic and nervous energy.
  • Peaches or melocotones.-Laxatives, diuretics and alkaline.
  • Frambuesa.-Calm the nervous excitement and purifies the blood.
  • Strawberries and frutillas.-Refreshing, diuretics, laxatives and solvents of uric acid.
  • Cherries ácidas.-alkalinized blood.
  • Grenades. - Antidiarrheal.
  • Chirimoyas.-Very nutritious.
  • Figs and plums. - Tonics, laxatives. V purifiers breast and lung.
  • Khakis or stick Santo - Nutritious and antidiarrheal
  • Limones.-inflammations and purifiers.
  • Manzanas.-antacid activate the liver and dissolve uric acid.
  • Melones.-Nutritional laxatives.
  • Mosquetas.-fruit of wild roses, are stomach, diuretic and blood purifying.
  • Naranjas.-alkalinized blood, activate the intestine and dissolve uric acid.
  • Nísperos.-Antacids, laxatives, and cough and cold.
  • Avocados or paltas.-Fight anemia and constipation.
  • Activate raisin uva.-organic combustion, brain and kidney.
  • Bananas or bananas.-Food and laxatives.
  • Peras.-Diuretic and purifying the blood.
  • Sandías.-Refreshing and diuretic.
  • Tomatoes and jitomates.-Laxatives and anti-arthritic.
  • Uvas.-Great food, laxatives, diuretics and sedatives.
  • Tunas.-Refreshing, laxatives and decongestants liver.