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The influence of food on body temperature

Food for these types of cases fall into two groups: food and food cool afiebran the digestive system.

Cool foods are eaten raw in their natural state, such as fruits, tree seeds, stems, green leaves and some roots.

All food cooked, requiring prolonged effort digestive, congested mucous membranes of the stomach, thereby raising its temperature. This is compounded by internal fever cadaver supply, factory, alcoholic beverages and seasonings.

The pulse, fever or controller of internal fever, proves this: if we eat raw fruit has no variation. However, cooked food, canned and spicy, requiring laborious digestion, raise the internal temperature, as evidenced by the rise of the pulses.

The natural inclination of children to fruits and seeds and also the means that Nature has endowed man to find, catch, chew and digest their food, show that vegetables are the real natural food of man.

Natural food is what can be eaten as nature offers without prior preparation, such as fruits, tree seeds, plant leaves, stems and roots.

As in the animal kingdom is the man the most perfect creature in the plant kingdom are fruits and seeds the most noble and perfect products. We understand then that it deserves and complement each other.

In the fruits and seeds are concentrated all the gifts and energies of nature. Since the flower opens the tree, the blossoms, attract and captivate us with its unique perfume. With the flower, delicate, cheerful and smiling, begins the tree, which for so noble mission to feed the lord of creation has been prepared for years of slow development, to produce substances in their guts privileged save mother earth. Along with the first falling flower petals the fruit begins to develop in a process so tedious and slow, which can only be compared to human gestation in the womb: nine months have been slow to take shape and oranges offered to man as food worthy of his lineage in creation.

For months the fruit receives and accumulates the sap extracted from selected materials from the earth. Also, during most of the year the fruit accumulates all the energy of the atmosphere and especially electric and magnetic forces. The sun, the source of universal life, long strokes each day this gift of the Creator, accumulating in the fruit their lives and energies that are as unique cook, it prepares the appetizing fragrance, the delicious food content in the pulp and fortifying sugars muscle and nerves of man.

What can the human body need not contain the fruits and seeds, in which Nature has placed all its finery and concentrated all its accumulated sap their energies?

Incomprehensible blindness, then, the man who disdains the treasures that, with generosity and simplicity, nature offers, to search the artificial, complicated and deadly, which unfortunately attracts its vanity.

Grounds enough to understand that the laboratory animal body is impenetrable mysteries that can only be deciphered by observing nature and we have around us.

The natural diet of fruits and seeds of trees is the best interest of the man from leaving the breast until his death.

Many may find enough food the fruit, as they have been found that after a while of this food, it feels new food needs. Instead, a meat dish or bean leaves "satisfied" to a person much of the day, hence the vulgar shows that food is best dish of beans that the bunch of grapes or orange and it is necessary to feed feel full and not be hungry again until after long hours.

This is because fruits and seeds, such as grapes, apples, oranges or nuts, are digested and assimilated effortlessly, leaving no residue unhealthy. Instead, a piece of meat or a plate of beans, require extensive work that makes the individual feel full for four or more hours. Of course, not possible with new foods interrupt this "digestion" which actually is a "indigestion" and, after a meal of this kind, it must wait long hours to eat other food.

This process of "indigestion" is, then, that unfortunately mistaken for a supply "sufficient". However, with this economy, no double expenditure of force: energy consumed in a laborious task of digestion and energy spent in driving the unhealthy residues of this inadequate nutrition.

Fruits, salads and seeds of trees that do not impose stress to the digestive organs, allowed to eat this all the time natural food without the risk of indigestion. Is what we see in animals: they eat their grass or fruit all day and every moment, without waiting for specific time.

Turning to another aspect of the topic at hand, we have said that just as the digestive tract begins in the mouth, digestion also begins in the mouth. Indeed, in this body is made the first part of digestion, which remains in the stomach and ends in the small and large intestines.

The convenient chewing and mixing food with saliva, insalivation is based on good digestion because the stomach can not require that course work must be done in the mouth.

Chewing rushed or incomplete and insufficient insalivation cause of disorders in the stomach, because it has no teeth or secretes saliva, imposing drudgery food processing ill-prepared. Rightly, therefore, it is said that half of digestion is done in the mouth.

With the above understood the importance of healthy teeth, which is destroyed by digestive disorders. Decayed teeth or molars have to fill with paste and if this is no longer possible, be removed.

Although dental intervention is neither natural nor necessary, living true to the laws of nature, it is essential work to prevent the complete destruction of diseased teeth and to extract teeth or teeth unusable pockets of putrefaction that poison the blood.

As regards the swallowing calm, we say, consisting of this in the act of swallowing snacks, how quickly do so, fatigue, stomach, he is forced to attack at once and not partially the nutritional content than full . This effort also causes congestion that favors intestinal putrefaction stomach upsets and body temperatures.

Just as it is necessary to ensure success in the beginning of the digestive process, we must also ensure that its final phase, the expulsion of waste is done in a convenient and timely.

The body of all animals, several times each day, unloading waste digestion. Unfortunately, especially in cities, there are countless people who hold in their body filth from cadaver and artificial feeding.

Thus our body depends on general nutrition and digestion, in particular, that even the shape of our body will be normal or abnormal depending on the quality of our food.

Man the right foods, like an apple, are split into two classes of products: a comparable, that the body uses and other waste, which are expelled without leave impurities in the blood or so with food unfit for nutrition humans, such as meat, which absorbed the most part, is used incompletely, leaving foreign material, dead substances in our body. In the defensive effort, the body gradually builds up these foreign substances that change the shape of the body, Kuhne has served to create the diagnostic facial expression.

We saw earlier that the healthy person is not fat or skinny, no abnormalities or in the shape of your body or in the lines of his face, for health and beauty are normal.
When a person practices this health regime, begins to lose weight and volume, because the body expels foreign matter accumulated by poor nutrition and poor eliminations. As normalcy is restored, the patient regains its weight and form, but with healthy materials, from normal nutrition. You lose "dead weight" and recovered "live weight", and restore health by organ renewal.

Fruits and vegetables we eat them raw, because only then we can build on its bright and energetic. Cooking kills all organic life and degenerate the nutrients, favoring fermentation impurifican putrid blood. Fruit tree seeds and salads leaves, stems and roots raw, maintain a healthy body or allow to recover if lost. These foods contain all materials needed by our body and must be the diet of all ill.

Understandably so common and ordinary food of civilized man, to "blood and fire" prepared in the kitchen, "school of death" (no offense), keep humanity mired in chronic disease, reducing life for this cause the man who takes the part of its normal length.

Let us use food as they have been "cooked" by nature, vitalized and energized by the action of the sun, incomparable cook gives life to all that comes under its action. The kitchen of the man killed, disintegrate and degenerate food, the "kitchen" of Nature vitalized, energy accumulates and season fruits offered to man.
There stomachs so degenerate that do not support raw food, as happens to the alcoholic who can not tolerate the cool, clear water of the fountain. In these cases, for food reform, proceed with caution, starting with changing breakfast, then dinner and finally the food, within a month will be achieved accept the change of regime.
The fresh or dried fruit such as figs, raisins, prunes, etc., Or seeds of trees such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc, and salads of lettuce, raw cabbage, celery or other similar, should be our only breakfast at all times, taking care not to mix salad with fruit, nuts or almonds and sweet fruits. Children should prefer the seeds of trees and honey bees in winter.

Below is a list of the properties of some fruits:

  • Strawberries, in addition to its exquisite aroma and taste, have antigout and vermifuge properties. Wild species dissolve the joint concretions of uric acid.
  • Strengthen the blood cherries, give good color and favor of renal function.
  • The apricots are appropriate for people who need treatment while tonic and cleanser.
  • Prunes are laxative and purifying virtues.
  • The nuts have the property to remove from our body all the toxins and it also refractory to the pernicious action of many poisons.
  • The melon is used in special cases as an emollient, laxative and diuretic. The latter property is characteristic of the watermelon.
  • The pear is highly digestible.
  • The apple is recommended in affections of the stomach, bladder and kidneys.
  • The medlar is laxative and antidiarrheal.
  • Orange is tonic, sedative and cleansing.
  • Lemon is detoxifying, astringent and desinflamante.
  • The avocado is nutritious, antacid and laxative.
  • The date, as the fig, is highly nutritious.

In summary, the amount consumed in fruit and judiciously chosen, is at the same time food and medicine irreplaceable.

Tomatoes and olives fall into the category of fruits, followed squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, eggplants, etc..

In the order of the right foods to man after the leaves are green, like kale, stems and leaves of chard, cabbage, artichokes, cauliflower, chard, spinach, celery, etc.. Roots, as turnips, radishes, salsify, carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.. Bulbs, like onions, tons, garlic, celery, potatoes, shallots, fennel, asparagus and so on. Most of these products can be eaten raw, others may be steamed, without losing the cooking water, which can be prepared soups, toast, oatmeal, etc..

There are other foods from the vegetable kingdom who did not present serious problems in the meat, its use should, however, reduced our power to be difficult to digest. These foods are grains in general and especially the dry starchy foods such as beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, beans, etc..

In its fresh or green these products are always recommended, but once nuts are indigestible and unhealthy fermentations favor. These drawbacks do not occur in people who are active outdoor life, as the farmer's field, whose stomach digests them well. For the sick, especially if they keep bed are harmful the dry farinaceous appointed.

Wheat, corn, rice, oats, rye, etc., Are more digestible, but its use should be moderate and prepare mixed with vegetables. In their green state are safe and suitable for all people. Wheat germ is highly recommended food mixed salad greens such as their preparation is as explained above, under these conditions is added to salads in proportion of one or two tablespoons, with this preparation have the best vitamins that can not prepare laboratory scientists.

The masses flours, noodles or pasta and are more or less indigestible, to avoid this drawback should be mixed with green leaves and vegetables in general. White bread is food harmful as the basis for our meals and should be used sparingly and better toasted. The wheat bread is recommended to be cooked or roasted too.

Sugar candy factory and she prepared to be rejected as one of the most harmful to health, they favor acidic digestive fermentations and produce acidosis of the blood.

Honey bees has the disadvantage of sugar factory because it is rapidly incorporated into the economy of our body, which is a source of heat and muscular energy. So precious tonic and fortifying gathers honey, she was the favorite food of athletes and Roman gladiators. In winter the honey must be the favorite food of children, especially mixed with potatoes, roasted squash or sweet potatoes.

The egg, where hard and chopped fine, in combination with accompanying salads or a bowl of steamed greens is good food, easily digested, and in this way highly recommend it to children.

Chocolate, cocoa, tea, coffee and mate are products that stimulate and excite without nurture and be rejected of our food.

All seasonings such as salt, mustard, pepper, etc., Are always harmful to health, as its effect on mucous membranes of the digestive tract is similar to whiplash that inflames the skin.

Abuse of pulque, tequila wine or irritation in the walls of the stomach and intestines that leads to the degeneration of these organs.

Old cheese is indigestible and promotes arthritic, producing uric acid and blood acidosis. The queso fresco or panela not have the same drawbacks, but they should eat moderately healthy and never sick, fewer still constipated.

Fish is easy to putrefaction, when fresh is preferred over dark meat.

The meat pen birds in general, is also less damaging than beef, beef or lamb, but always harmful to sick people.

We take this opportunity to point out how inconvenient and disruptive of custom already established, to await the birth of mothers with a dozen chickens to make broth for substance to feed the mother in the early days of the crisis, these wines are not have the nutritional properties attributed to the public, because the meat does not dissolve in water containing albumin, but the moods and wear products of animal and organic foreign matter into the living body, unnatural food accumulated.

With toxic food chicken soup base, the mother develops a impure milk begins to bring the stomach and intestines of abnormal child and laborious work, which prepares the first crises of childhood and creates a state of irritation and chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, a common cause of sickness.

The diet of mothers should be freshly lit only raw fruit of the season or, at least, salads with chopped nuts or egg. With this food, lively and pure milk will be healthy, nourishing and cleansing that allow the mother to successfully perform its mission.

Animal fats should be banished from our diet, we do not need to extract fat from the bodies, as the nuts and olives offer us pure element and alive.

Olive oil should be eaten raw with him aliñando salads or steamed vegetables, because both fat and cooked oils, and worse if they are burned, decomposed, producing poisonous butyric acid. Hence, the chips are always indigestible.

Acids such as vinegar and pickled products are harmful because they acidify the blood should be alkaline, favoring acidosis and heartburn. Instead it is preferable to lemon juice, but he opposed the bread starches and starch potatoes, reason should lead us to be sparing in their use in daily food.

Lemon juice has, in addition to vitamins, the property of purifying the intestine and is very helpful to take on an empty stomach, especially when suffering from arthritic.

As mentioned, the blood should be alkaline and this composition favoring raw fruits, whether sweet or sour, tree seeds and salads. In contrast, acidic blood, the state of acidosis characteristic common to all ill, is produced by feeding meat and broth, as the spoils cadaveric poisons have acids such as creatine, and creatinine cadaverine which are incorporated into the blood, giving it an acid reaction, due to irritation, inflammation and congestion, all features of localized disease process.

Salt is an irritant and the body must be free to expel their harmful presence. Hence, urine, sweat, tears and all our salty secretions.

The food we eat at the normal temperature of our body. Both the cold and warm it causes congestion of the stomach mucosa, which reacts with abnormal temperatures. Ice cream and hot meals predispose to stomach ulcers.

The ice and snow are highly harmful because afiebran the digestive system due to reaction heat wake up in the mucosa.

The energy accumulated in raw foods are absorbed mainly in the mouth. Starches are converted into glucose by insalivation calm, otherwise it will produce acid fermentation in the stomach. Hence the need to chew slowly and carefully, without food to the stomach too often. Even the water and fluids should be drunk in small sips.