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Food Combinations Against Cancer

With natural foods, good and calm insalivation swallow them, is not completely ensured the success of the digestive process, as there are mixed with other foods that cause bad combination, resulting in toxic byproducts, which can happen even with the fruit.

Thus, oily fruits and sweet fruits at one meal, do not digest well, because the oils to mix with the sugars produced alcoholic fermentations, recharging the blood of harmful products.

Similar process occurs with acidic fruits mixed with starch, such as oranges and bread. In this case acids, preventing the normal cleavage starch into maltose and glucose, originate acid fermentation, which promotes the acidification of blood.

It is also harmful in the same food mix sweet fruits with acid because fermentation problems arise.

In contrast, acid fruits combine well with the oily, eating first the sour oranges with walnuts.

Sweet juicy fruits combine well with starches containing chestnuts, bananas or pine nuts.

Potatoes with cereals such as wheat, corn, rice, Quaker, etc., Should not eat together because the potato starch with starch grains usually are not digested simultaneously, which makes the first that has been prepared to wait , to be absorbed, the digestion of other fermentation entering unhealthy. For the same reason, do not eat bread and potatoes.

The same reason as above there is also not to mix milk in the same meal with eggs, since one of these substances can be digested in preference to the other, which comes into decay.

Opposite nature food should not be eaten together as mineral salts with acids and sugars. Thus, a large proportion vegetables contain minerals and fruits contain acids and sugars, why vegetables and fruits, in the same meal, easily produce bad fermentation.

Finally, olive oils, fresh or dried fruit (sugars), producing bad combination, giving rise to alcoholic fermentation.

For better understanding, we present examples of good and harmful combinations.

What goes wrong

  • Eggs, milk or cheese, with honey, fresh or dried fruit.
  • Cereals and vegetables, with nuts or bananas.
  • Cereals, wheat, corn, rice, oats, etc., With potatoes, noodles, pastries.
  • Cereals and starchy. With acid fruits.
  • Oil fruits and oil, with sweet fruits, honey and sugars.
  • Shellfish, meat, fish and poultry, with fresh fruit and sweets.
  • Wine and salt, with watermelon or milk.
  • Lemon, vinegar and other acidic fruits, tomatoes, milk, nuts, bananas, cereals, starchy foods and vegetables.
  • Milk, with salads, vegetables, tomatoes or juicy fruits.
  • Eggs, with cheese or milk.
  • Fruits, vegetables with.
  • Honey or sugar, with vegetables.
  • Olives or nuts, with honey, sugar or sweet fruit.

What goes well

  • Dried fruit and honey, with fresh fruit sweets.
  • Milk, cheese and eggs, with cereals, legumes and starchy.
  • Cereals, wheat, corn, rice, oats, etc., With vegetables, roots and fruits or sweet oil.
  • Starchy or farinaceous tubers, with vegetables and grape juice.
  • Legumes, with vegetables and butter.
  • Bread, cheese, egg yolks and cream, with fresh fruit, sweet jellies.
  • Vegetables, roots and tomatoes, with oils, fruit essences and eggs.
  • Sweet fruits, with egg yolk and bread.
  • Legumes, with tomatoes, squash, eggplant and salads.
  • Oils and oleaginous fruits, with tomatoes, squash, eggplant and salads.
  • Oils, vegetables and roots, with eggs, potatoes, cereals and pulses.
  • Harin√°ceas bananas and fruit, with milk, egg and sweet fruits.
  • Vegetables (lettuce, celery, chicory, etc..), With grain or potatoes.
  • Salad leaves, stems or roots, with oil, cereals or potatoes.
  • Nuts and olives, with cereal, vegetable.
  • Cheese, fresh dry better, with cereal, bread or potatoes.
  • Peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, with vegetable.
  • Cereals (wheat, corn, rice, oats, etc..), With sweet dried fruits.
  • Eggs, better cooked, with vegetables.
  • Pan, better integrated, with all kinds of vegetables, honey, eggs, oil.

To avoid the drawbacks of bad combinations, the best rule will simplify meals to one or two products, they varied in the different meals of the day or better each day, to provide the body with different materials you need and which are sugar, albumin (limited for adults), carbohydrates and minerals.

The amount is also another factor involved in digestion, being the general rule to ensure it will never be eaten without hunger and leaving all food must be completed to satisfy any desire for what we feed the body assimilates and not what we put into surplus.

Condition of good digestion is finally quiet and nervous, for it, we avoid problems and concerns before, during and immediately after meals.