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Cancer and Foods

The nutritional value of food is its chemical composition, but the extent of digestibility. Junk food, rather than nurture, intoxicating.

Today it is fashionable to "boost" like treatment "bracing". Well, this is a mistake of medicine drug because the body only uses what it digests and not what you eat.

There is evidence that bracing is the only regime which ensures good digestion.

We have seen that a good digestion depends, first, normal temperature in the digestive tract. Now let's try the other conditions indispensable to good nutrition intestine, and are eating the right foods in quality and quantity and also in suitable combination.

Adequate food is one that suits our organizational structure and our physiological needs.

The wise Nature has endowed all men of means to support themselves without resorting to gimmicks and properly nourished. We see that the carnivorous animal has the bloodthirsty and treacherous instinct of the hunter who stalks his prey in the dark, of a blow, fall upon the unsuspecting and unprepared victim, who then devours enjoying his suffering.

Giraffes, whose food is constituted by leaves of trees, have an extremely long neck to catch a living always in height.

Walruses and seals canines turtles are armed as strong hooks to boot them from the rocks shellfish that are their proper food.

The man, like monkeys, is equipped with long-fingered hands and nails flat, allowing you to pick the fruit from the trees to take to your mouth, because, let's face it, man, like the monkey, by the organs that has to catch, chew and digest their food, is frugivorous, or is intended by nature to eat only fruits and seeds of trees in their natural state.

Man has no claws of carnivorous animal, nor has the bloodthirsty and treacherous instinct of the cat. Contrary to animals of prey, enjoying the sight of blood and offal throbbing of a corpse, the man feels horror at the depths of the open belly of an animal and at the death penalty. In contrast, fruits attract us and whet the appetite with its aroma and golden hues.

Carnivorous animals have torn mouth to mouth that allows them to enter in the muscles and viscera of their victims, the man lacks these conditions and your mouth, smaller and more coming to the nose, not allowed to carry food to the stomach other than the you can get his hands, like fruits and seeds.

The teeth of man lacks the sharp fangs and sharp teeth of carnivorous animals have flat teeth as triturante monkey.

If the meat was a natural and proper food for man, he would eat it as is offered by the body, without transforming it into the kitchen, which our senses deceiving and betraying our needs, it becomes laboratory conditions.

Children who do not have perverted his natural instinct, we finally resolved the doubts that adults have developed a mentality suggests no basis in natural law and formed in imitation of collective errors. Take for example a small door to the butcher's and back down because this strongly distressed and horrified by the smell and sight of the bloody remains of corpses exposed there. This same child happy and smiling go to the grocery, attracted by the sight and scent of fruit destined by nature as food appropriate to their physiological needs.

The no man's stomach acids that has the appropriate carnivore to digest meat, but for degeneration, can produce excess acids also, when this body is accustomed to digest meat. This abnormal production of acid attacks the stomach mucosa designed by nature to withstand alkaline reaction that produces the digestion of fruits, causing ulcers and degeneration of tissues.

Meat materials to be easily decomposed by heat, carnivorous animals are equipped with an intestine shorter than the grass-eating and fruit, in order to prevent toxic waste meat remaining in the stomach and poison and the body (which is why above I advise not to eat meat when they enter this cancer treatment).

The intestine of man, intended by Nature to contain plant and, especially, fruits and seeds, is extremely long compared to the carnivorous animals, so that meat residues remain in the body longer than that needed to prevent reabsorption of toxins own feed mortis.
While the animals that live free, guided by instinct, properly fed and healthy living and, man, degenerating instinct, does not know to choose the right foods to their needs, and look your best quality, nor calculate its amount. As we said before, this is the main cause of their ailments.

Let us always remember that the most nutritious food is more easily digested that and this is the fruit tree seeds and salads leaves, stems and roots for man.